Welcome to My Neighborhood

The street where I live
The street (alley) where I live

I have spent the last month living in a little local neighborhood in Bangkok.  It is always so interesting I thought I could give you a tour.  Everything starts at the 7/11.  It is on the corner of the busy street, and a, little street.  It is a typical 7/11, open 24/7 etc.  Outside there is always a vendor selling fruit, another sells pieces of fried chicken, and another sells coffee drinks.  Sometimes in the evening there is a lady selling food that I do not recognize.  As I walk towards my alley on the left is the old lady selling sugar bananas. $1 gets a hand of 10 – 12, and they are so sweet.   On the right is the lady who makes a great green papaya salad, a lunch favorite of mine.  I once requested no green beans (I do not like them raw) she always remembers not to add them.

Papaya salad shop
Papaya salad shop

Beside her is another fruit vendor – pineapple watermelon, guava, cantaloupe, papaya, all cut up and ready to eat. Left side is a hairdresser, and a place that does mending.  Then we have a lady selling grilled meat kabobs.  Late night Chinese cafe is on the right.  At this point my little alley is off to the left, and on the right side is the tailor shop.  Gals working here work long hours, and wave every time I go past.

Sewing girls
Sewing girls

Its nice to be recognized.  Next to them is a fruit and veggie stand only open in the morning.  Left side is several street cafes.  I always eat at the last one. Mama cooks, always one of their three daughters working, Papa does fetch and tote.  Cafes here have little plastic stools, no backs.  When I arrive at the cafe Papa is always sent to the back to get a real chair for me.

My local cafe
My local cafe

There is an endless parade of vendors down our alley.  They sell peanuts, fruit, rice, eggs, brooms, cooked corn on the cob and sweet potatoes, plants, ice cream, and often at night my favorite – a guy who makes crepes and fills them with bananas and a sweet cream.  Each vendor has a different sound (bells, horns etc.) so we can tell who is coming.  Hope you enjoyed the visit.Version 2Version 2Version 2


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  1. Sandy Behrens says:

    I love your reports and photos. I especially liked this one as it looks similar to a place I stayed on my last trip. Thank you for posting.

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