IMG_0372Bus from Flores to Rio Dulce appeared to be a fairly new, modern, sightseeing bus – on the outside.  Inside was another story.  Broken seats, broken TV (Yeah!!) .  The overhead in these buses is small, so my pack will not fit.  I always hate putting it underneath.  I asked the bus assistant if it was safe under there, and he said yes. I told him if it went missing he was going to have to take me clothes shopping – he laughed.  As we went to board, a fellow in a uniform sat down with a folding table by the bus door.  He was searching everyone’s carry on.  I later asked the bus assistant what he was searching for, was told “guns and knives”.  I did not want to know if he found any.  Roads are good, endless speed bumps you must drive up and over.  Lots of police presence.  Once they wanted to check the underneath luggage compartments.  The hills get bigger and the vegetation heavier.  Lots of cattle ranches with healthy cattle and horses.  A couple of times we saw areas that had been clearcut.  Six hours to reach Rio.  My hostel here is on the river and river traffic is nonstop.  Hostel profits fund a children’s village that I hope to visit.  I did a boat day trip to Livingston($26 return).It is 2 hours by boat, and a small settlement on the sea.   Interesting to see the little settlements along the shore.  People here do not have power boats,  they paddle dugout canoes. IMG_0007 Amazing scenery, especially as we wound our way through the canyon.   Livingston is small, busy port area, but quite touristy.  I did walk past a local laundry/wash house/bathhouse that was interesting.  Made of concrete, open air with a metal roof.  Patrons stand on the outside, and each has a large concrete tub full of water.  Laundry seemed to be on one side, bathing on the other.  Girls were bathing, and washing the clothes they were wearing at the same time.


Had a great seafood lunch.

2 thoughts on “TRAVEL IN GUATEMALA

  1. Howard says:

    You are having a very exciting time and we really enjoy your almost daily account of events that take place —what a different world to what we know . Stay safe !!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Gloria! Just wanted to say what an inspiration you and your blog are to me. I have such admiration for your zeal for life, and its so inspiring to see that you can still be traveling and enjoying the world even when you are retired.

    I hope to start traveling as soon as I graduate university- hopefully I will run into on the road somewhere 🙂

    Enjoy your trip.

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