Stayed here
Stayed here

Of course I had to leave for the airport at dark thirty.  One day I am going to catch an afternoon flight.  Cancun via Edmonton was an easy trip.  ADO bus from airport to downtown Cancun.  Had booked Hotel Alux as it was only one block away.  They had no change when I checked in, and said I could get my change in the morning.  Noisy traffic all night.  Went to buy my ticket to Chetumal and then a hassle to get my hotel change.  A $31 room if paid in U.S. would be $37, but when I paid in pesos it was $21, and I have no idea how they did that math.  16 hours in Mexico, and out of 6 financial transactions, 3 tried to scam me.  Glad to leave, but Immigration as we were leaving wanted us to pay $25 each.  I knew it was a scam, so said I wanted to call the Canadian Embassy.  Suddenly we did not have to pay.  Buses in Belize are old school buses, and very cheap.  Made it to Corozal and the hotel I had booked was closed, and a sign said “Full”.  I managed to yell loud enough to get the attention of other guests.  They let me in, and we found a key with my name on it, on the desk.  Happy to be back in the warm. Spent a nice couple of days there – locals are friendly, greet you when they walk past.  Could be in the Bahamas, same buildings, same vegetation.  Surprised to see so many blacks – expected more Hispanics.  Bus to Belize City and Water Taxi to Caye Caulker $25 return, 45 minutes each way.  Got a little room at De Real Macaw for $20.  Only golf carts here, its all backpacks and barefoot.  Endless budget places to stay, cafes/bars often have swings or hammocks.  Very laid back.  They have a stray dog rescue shelter here, and tourists can take the dogs for walks – and they do.  Poor dogs are so tired by the end of the day.

Will leave to Guatemala when I leave here.


  1. Howard says:

    Really great to hear from you , no matter which way you turn —seems to be something new , good thing you are very experianced as I would probably be scammed .
    Waiting to hear next adventure !!

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