Tangerine Bank

I had read and heard about this bank from lots of people.  I seldom use an ATM when I travel so it was not of much interest to me.  A good travel friend of mine convinced me I should open an account with them as they have no transaction fees and no foreign ATM fees.  He told me if I open an account with $100 they will deposit $50 within 2 days. I was sceptical, to say the least.  They do not have bricks and mortar banks, you can do everything online.  I went to one of their kiosks as I had a lot of questions.  They opened the account for me and gave me a card.  I took the card to a Scotiabank ATM to activate and make my $100 deposit.  Within 2 days they did deposit $50 into my account.  Auto deposit for payroll will also get you $150 after 3 months.   If you are interested please use this Orange Key 55050676S1  you will get $50 – and so will I.  I do know a number of travellers who use this bank – and they all have rave reviews – ex: 24/7 telephone support.

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