I am home.  It was a great adventure.  I traveled for 67 days and logged 5740 Kms between Cancun and Panama City.  I traveled by plane, boat, ferry, panga, launcha, bus, tourist shuttle, chicken bus (with chickens) colectivo, taxi, pedicab, tuktuk, and flip flop.  I stayed in hostels but with a private room and private bath.  Average daily cost was $51.  I hiked, swam, snorkeled, fished, zip lined, made chocolate, took tours, went to live theater and transited the Panama Canal.  I did not get robbed, beaten, raped, mugged, kidnapped or held hostage.  I did not have anything stolen.  I never got sick, hurt, or lost.  All in all the trip was:  1) much easier than I expected  2) I felt much safer than I expected  3) locals were friendly and helpful everywhere  4) Borders (aside from Panama) were easy.  5) I never felt I was scammed or ripped off  6) I was surprised how clean budget accommodations and public washrooms always were  7) Guns everywhere were a bit intimidating  8) Capital cities – aside from Panama, were not worth stopping to see. 9) Tours and activities were reasonably priced.     Knowing now what I did not know before I left the only change I would make would be to travel slower.  I found I was tired when I got home.  I will keep posting things here that I did not have time for when I was traveling, and I am busy making plans for Asia – goal date to leave is Nov. 1.

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    • Gloria Jackson says:

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