My Mac laptop

img_1980I use a small Mac laptop.  I have had it for 4 years now, and I was reluctant to make the switch to a Mac, but I am so glad i did.  It runs as well now as the day I bought it.  I love the free classes at the Mac store, and the free helpline I can call when I have a problem.  Its lightweight, and I love it.


I have used a Steripen now for several years.  It purifies a litre of water in about 45 seconds.  I hate constantly throwing away empty plastic bottles, and in some countries they have been known to refill bottles with tap water, and reseal them with a hot needle.  Steripens are available on Amazon and I bought mine at MEC here in Vancouverimg_1975

My Camera




img_1976I recently bought my first DSL camera.  It is a Panasonic Lumix .  I chose this for several reasons.  It has an excellent rating in that price range.  It is fairly lightweight.  It has a built in zoom lens, so I do not have to carry an extra lens.

Camera/Day Sling Bag

I recently bought a new camera and the sling bag I had previously used was not big enough to carry it.  I have purchased a Lowepro Camera Bag to use as a day bag.  It has a zipper that allows for expansion, so on travel days I can also carry my computer and other important items.  I prefer this style bag as it lays across the front of my body, and is hands free.  As it is a cross body bag so deters snatch thieves.