Places I Stayed In Laos

I did not spend a lot of time in Laos, but I did enjoy my time there.  I am just going to list the places I stayed, and some notes on each.

Odosim Guesthouse, Ban Houayxay Nua, Houay Xai

I stayed here prior to my Mekong River Cruise.  It was a great guesthouse, good wifi, hot water,  clean and a good bed – all I ever want or need.  Little 4 year old in his Superman outfit was cute beyond belief.  Excellent service by the staff.

Phonemany Guesthouse  Pak Beng


Overnight stop on my Mekong Cruise.  This place is quite new, very clean, very nice – great helpful staff.  As I am a senior they picked me up at the bottom of the hill with a motorcycle with a sidecar box, great fun! Wifi was not great and only worked in the dining room.

Villa Aphay  57/4 Phomathath Road,  Luang Prabang

Did not enjoy this place.  This was one I had booked and paid for online.  Fellow checking me in insisted I have a printed voucher – in spite of the fact I could show him my booking on my computer.  Before I could get my key he was trying to sell me tours, and every time I left my room I was accosted to buy a tour from him.  My bed was old, and wifi only worked in the common area – and then you got the sales pitch non stop.

Sengko Guesthouse  Ban Muang Song  Vang Vien

This place was just far enough from the downtown to escape the noise.  It was clean and comfortable and the owner spoke excellent English, and was very helpful.  Will be better when they eat the rooster next door for Sunday dinner.  Wifi was fine.

R.D. Guesthouse, Nokeokhoumanne St.,  Vientiane

Loved this place -great staff.  Not the fanciest place I have ever stayed – and the room could have used a coat of paint.  When I checked in late afternoon I asked if my ceiling fan could be cleaned the next day – it was cleaned within an hour.  Wifi worked well, bed was clean and comfortable, bathroom was clean.  Great staff and Manager made this  one of my favorites.20160123_125425

Victory Hotel  7 Vuong Thuc Mau, Vinh

I was so looking forward to this hotel -I had booked a room with a bathtub – and after 3 months, I needed a bath.  I came off a 18 hour cold bus trip so was excited to arrive.  My room did not have a bathtub, and reception said water was limited i rooms with tubs.  I was so cold -they let me use one of the steam rooms in their spa area to warm up.  There was also a jacuzzi tub for me to use, but when filled with straight “hot” water – it was barely warm.  Manager brought a heater to my room, and some corn on the cob and an orange.  The staff went out of their way to make sure I was as comfortable as possible,  The next day one of the girls from the front desk took me to a cafe and ordered for me to make sure I got what I wanted.  Wifi worked really well here.



Binh Minh DIen Chau Hotel,  Dien Chau

I decided I would like a few days at the beach.  I knew it would not be very warm, but I love to walk on the beach.  There was record cold weather when I was here, and my room was beyond cold.  They did not have any heaters. The beach was very dirty.  The hotel shows photos of food, and people eating -but they do not even have a place to get coffee.  There is no place to eat or drink within walking distance, you must go by taxi.  I had planned to stay 5 days, but the manager approved reducing my reservation to a one night stay.


I found the places I stayed to be clean and comfortable.  The best part of almost every place was the kindness, friendliness and helpfulness of the staff.

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