Place I Stayed in Phnom Phen


Image 3-19-16 at 12.13 PMAs usual I had booked my first night in Phnom Phen.  When our boat arrived at the dock there was the usual onslaught of tuktuk drivers.  One asked where I was staying, and then told me it was full of young people doing drugs.  One of the gals traveling with me did not have a reservation, but decided to come with me and see if she could get a room there too.  Tuktuk drivers told us there were no other guesthouses near there at all.  Not believing things you are told by tuktuk drivers is one of the first rules of travel of S. E. Asia.  We caught a ride to #10 Guesthouse.  We drove past a large Mosque and I was thrilled at the thought of being once again able to hear the Call to Prayer.  The guesthouse was great -aside from the stairs.  Treads were 4 inches wide, risers were 1 foot high….. scary! Fortunately the young men working took everyone’s pack up and down for them. It was not full of people doing drugs, and there were 4 other guesthouses within half a block.    There was a cafe and lounge area, so a good place to meet others.   Mango lassi was on the menu – mango and yogurt drink.  I had not seen lassi on a menu here so was anxious to try it – it was great.  I also tried chicken amok, a local dish of chicken cooked with veggies in coconut milk, served with rice.    One day my friend decided she was going to watch them make our lassi so she could do it at home……no yogurt…, shaved ice, and sweetened condensed milk….not so healthy.  Owner arranged a good tuktuk driver for us to see the Killing Fields and famous prison.  I did not get to hear the Call to Prayer – locals had protested, so they no longer did it.  Once again I am amazed at the price and cleanliness of hostels in S.E. Asia.  I did get a kick out of the rules posted on the door of my room – 20160216_074156

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