Place I Stayed in Hohhot China

I was just doing an overnight in Hohhot China.  My train was arriving about 9:30 pm and I was leaving the next day at noon.  I reserved a non smoking room at Pengcheng Hotel, 100 M North to  Dazhao Plaza. $13. It was not a long taxi ride from the train station, and when I arrived I was thrilled to see I was next door to a large temple.  The entire hotel smelled like a huge crowd all chain smoking cigarettes.  When I opened the door I am sure a cloud of smoke came out of my room.  I went back to the desk and showed my reservation for a NON SMOKING room.  The man came back to my room with me, and I was expecting him to move me to another room.  No, he removed the 5 ashtrays from my room!  I guess it was then a non smoking room.  It was late and obvious I was not going to win that one.  I had to run around in the shower to get wet in the morning – not much water.  Location was worth the problems, I was able to visit two big Chinese temples in the morning before I had to return to the train station.

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