14 Nov

Place I Stayed in Beijing



No 10 Fahua Nanli, Chongwen District Beijing

This is a budget hotel, and it is not near the train station. A taxi will cost approx. 20 yuan.
Most staff do not speak English, but I found them polite and helpful.

My room cost $20/night. It was about half the size of “cozy’. A double bed took up more than half of the width of the room, and the full length. There was a desk and an electric kettle. The bathroom is the length of the bed, about 4 feet wide, with a sink, toilet and shower. The bathroom is separated from the room by a sliding glass wall.

They use key cards and you must use it to access the elevator on the main floor. Once you open your door you must place the card in a slot with green lights on the wall beside the door. This will allow you to turn the lights on.

The room was clean and the bed was comfortable. There was tv, and A/C. Buttons on remote for A/C were in Chinese.
Location: If you arrive by taxi you will likely approach the hotel from the left side, if you are facing the hotel. I thought the area we drove past just prior to reaching the hotel was a bit sketchy.

To get to the subway: Walk out the door and turn left. Walk about 3 blocks to the busy street. Turn left and then go over the overpass. You will see signs for Tiantan North. The Temple of Heaven entrance is just past the Subway entrance.   On your way to the busy street you will pass a Peking Duck Restaurant.  They have English titles for their menu, the food is excellent, as are the prices.  I recommend the pork with peaches.

Bestay Hotel Express

Bestay Hotel Express

Clean Cozy Room

Clean Cozy Room

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