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It is not far from Krabi to Phuket, and the famous Patong Beach.  I thought since I was so close I would make a quick trip to check it out.  I left Krabi in the pouring rain and took a van bus to Phuket.  Young fellow from the hostel came to pick me up on his motorbike.  I was very very reluctant to ride with no helmet but he assured me it was just a few blocks, and he would drive very slowly and carefully – and he did.  I stayed at Poshtel and it was one of the best hostels of the trip.  There was a big long table to sit at,  and lots of interesting travellers  – so great social time.  Phuket itself did not have much to see.  I did go to a big temple high on a hill.  It was interesting, but nothing different from many others I had seen.

Patong Beach
Sunburns & Speedos

Patong beach is about 15 kms from Phuket.  There is frequent bus service in the back of large open air trucks with as much bench seating as they can fit.   We were dropped off at the head of a short street that led to the beach.  The street was lined both sides with bars and “Men’s clubs”.  The sex trade was more blatant here than I had seen anywhere – even in Bangkok.  I felt so sorry for the young Thai girls trying to get ugly old men to come into the bars and have drinks with them.  I walked to the beach and was impressed with how big it was, and how nice the sand was.  I was not impressed with the number of people.  There were many Europeans.  Most wore swimsuits that fit them twenty years, and thirty pounds ago.  Old guys in speedos do not impress me.  I spent a short time on the beach and took the bus home.  There is a famous ladyboy show in Phuket so I decided to go.  It was awesome.  Much better than the one I saw in Bangkok last year.  These “girls” were so beautiful, any one of them could have competed in a beauty contest.  After the show you could have photos taken with them, but I was not willing to be overrun by the Chinese tourists so I passed.  I was glad I went to Phuket – but I was also glad to only spend a couple of days there.

Beautiful Costumes

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