16 Nov

Overnight Train and Xi’an

soft sleeperI took my first train trip, overnight from Beijing to Xi’an.  Arriving at the station you have to find your train on the big board – it will tell you the waiting room to go to.  I had booked a “soft sleeper” – the highest class of tickets. I had a bed in a room with 3 others,  two sets of bunk beds.  An older guy – who offered to share his whiskey with me, a young gal, and a very quiet middle age man.  Each room has a thermos pot – and hot water is available at the end of each car.  As soon as locals get on the train they all start to eat – and everyone makes big containers of Ramen noodles. Ride was a bit bumpy and noisy by times, but I did sleep.  I came to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Warriors and they are amazing.  How they ever put the pieces together to reconstruct them is beyond me.  Each one is different – and I was surprised to see they appear to be over 6 ft tall.  I rode the local city bus (15 cents) to the railway station to catch a bus to where the warriors are, about an hour from the city.  That bus cost $1 each way.  Girls at the hostel told me to take the 103 bus, last stop is the station.  I got on, lots of people with luggage – a good sign.  We got to a stop, they all got off, I followed them, over an overpass, and right to a bus terminal!! Oops.  Back on the bus and got it right the next time. I was able to navigate my way back to the hostel, by city bus, after dark – and am proud of it!  Smog is bad here too – I have a sore throat.  16 hour train trip south tomorrow night -should be warmer in Chendu.20151113_134010

Terracotta Warriors

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