Sorry for the delay – technical difficulties. I had heard a lot of good things about Boca del Toro.  Its a group of Panamanian tropical islands easily reached from the mainland.  I went to the main island, and certainly regret not having time to visit others.  It was so tropical and Caribbean – great colors, lovely slow pace, clean clear water, and a wonderful relaxed vibe.  It was nice finding cafes with great menus, I was sick of rice and beans with every meal.  Fresh fish was plentiful and very tasty.   I stayed in Boca a few days then a long trip to Panama City for the last stop on my tour.  I decided to break the travel into two days, with an overnight in David.  My bus arrived in David about 2:30 and I had not eaten, so a cafe was my first priority.  As I got off the bus I noticed some cafes across the street, and lots of people eating – always a good sign. I walked over and watched as people just sat down at picnic style tables. I sat down and a gal came to take my order.  I simply pointed to the plate someone across from me had.  My meal arrived, fried rice, spaghetti, chicken and plantains – large amounts of each.  I ate and ate, and could not eat half of it.  When I went to pay the cost was $2.  This was a nice surprise as Panama is not a budget destination.  I arrived in Panama City at a huge bus terminal.  Panama City is beautiful.  New and ultramodern skyscrapers side by side with wonderful old colonial buildings.   Here they rebuild instead of tearing things down. I spent an entire day walking around the old city.  It had become a slum but is being restored to its former glory.  I also did a transit tour of the canal – you just can not visit Panama without doing that.  It was a wonderful last stop on a great adventure trip.  I will post a detailed recap this week.IMG_1345IMG_1456IMG_1571IMG_1514

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  1. Howard says:

    Good to hear of all your adventures, was a little concerned after your last border crossing issues but here you are with great pictures and stories. Were in BDN. a while ago and your Mother is looking great and had a nice conversation. Safe travels, Howard

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