Sunset at Sunset Beach
Too many Sunburns & Tattoos

I so enjoyed my time at Koh Tarulato, quiet and relaxing.  My last stop in Thailand was Koh Lipe.  It was not quiet or relaxing.  Arriving by ferry, our boat backed up close to the beach.  We went down the swim ladder to water well over our knees.  This island was very expensive and the only affordable accommodation I could find was a dorm at a hostel.  I had not done the dorm thing for many years so was quite apprehensive.  The hostel was huge – over 300 beds.  Rooms did not have bunk beds, but more like a capsule, private and comfortable.  Each bed had a locker across from it.  In my room there was a big stack of big suitcases at the end of the lockers.  They belonged to 3 young gals from RIo.  They wore very very tiny thong bikinis during the day, and little slip dresses at night.  All of the clothes I ever saw them wear would have fit in one of my pockets.  What was in the suitcases??? This was a narrow island, Sunrise Beach on one side, Sunset Beach on the other.  There were endless seafood cafes.  This island had a great program idea “Trash Heros”.  Once a week tourists could meet and spend the day cleaning up a beach – boat ride and lunch were included.

Trash Heros
Seafood Cafe

This was a good idea, but they should have started on Koh Lipe.  If you went half a block off any of the main streets there was more trash than I had seen on any island.  I was really quite amazed at how dirty this place was.  It was extremely hot and there was nothing to do but go to the beach, and the beaches were very busy.  Once again, many Europeans in too small swimsuits.  The water was not as nice as the last place, but I did swim a few times.  I was certainly glad I had not decided to stay any longer – it was far too busy and crowded for me.  I stood on the beach one day and looked around – I could have been at a beach resort anywhere in the world – there was nothing “Thai” about this place. One day as I was walking on the beach a supply boat had arrived.  Everything used on this island had to be unloaded from the big boat  – and taken to shore in the longtails, then carried by hand from the boats to the beach.  It was interesting to watch and amazing to see the amount of supplies it takes to run a small island in high season.  This was my last stop in Thailand, and I was not all that sad to leave.  Next stop Malaysia.

Boats full of Supplies
Supplies Arrive

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