Nice to walk on this beach
Beach massage
Typical Tuk-Tuk






The ferry from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi goes past where the movie “The Beach” was filmed.  My ferry stopped in Koh Phi Phi but I did not stay there.  I could tell by the number of people I saw arriving  it would be far too crowded for me.  I changed ferries and went on to Koh Lanta. I had heard the beach was nice, and not so crowded.   As usual the arrival of the ferry caused mayhem and tuk-tuk drivers increased their rates to meet the demand.  I went for lunch and by the time I had finished things were much quieter – and the tuk-tuk rate to my resort was less than half what it had been an hour ago.  Tuk-tuks here were a motorcycle with a box side car with two benches.  My little Moslem gal driver drove like a bat our of hell, not bothering to slow down for the many potholes. My head hit the roof many times.


My bamboo bungalow
Door lock
Clean and basic






I had always wanted to stay in a little bamboo hut on the beach and I could do that here.  Huts were as cute as could be.  The beach was fine, but once again, I could only swim at high tide.  It was a very social place.  As everyone met in the little cafe for the complimentary breakfast names and plans were exchanged.  I met a great gal from Germany who was Turkish and great fun to spend a couple of days with.    It was a lazy location.  I enjoyed reading on my deck and walking on the beach.  On the way into “town” there was the funkiest cafe I have ever seen.    The walls and roof were made of plants.  Each table was at a different level, and each table was completely private as walls of plants separted each one.  I had dinner there one night and it was one of the best meals of my trip – coconut curry shrimp.

Funky cafe
Awesome dinner $6



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