I just had to return to Antigua for one more day before leaving Guatemala for El Salvador.  I wanted to go directly to Santa Ana, but was told I could not get to there from here.  I ended up taking a tourist shuttle to El Tunco – a little coastal village full of surfers.  One night was enough of “Dudesville” for me.  I was sick of overpriced, crowded tourist shuttles so decided to brave the local bus.  I gal at a coffee shop who spoke English wrote out instruction in Spanish for me.  I hiked to the highway and flagged a Directo #120 bus.  Paid $1.20, nice bus, not crowded.  A man got on who worked for this bus company as he had the same uniform as the driver.  I asked if he spoke English -he said no.  I gave him my note and he had a conversation with the driver.  Gal at the coffee shop did not know if I should get off at the Church, or the terminal.  The bus pulled over, he reached down and took my pack and indicated I should get off.  He got off with me, and the bus drove off. He then held my hand (and carried my pack) across a busy street, then up a long flight of stairs to an overhead across a freeway, and down the stairs on the other side.  We waited for a bus, and one came along that said Santa Ana  – but he shook his head “no”.  Next one came and he got my pack on, and me, and then had a long conversation with the driver.  I wanted to pay him but he refused anything.  I got to Santa Ana for $1.70 and the driver told me where to get off, and get a taxi to my hostel.  So, I have ridden a chicken bus, and lived to tell. Everyone hears of all of the bad things that happen in Central America – but good things happen too!


  1. Howard says:

    Good to hear last day in Guatemala was a good one and there are helpful people . El Salvador should be very interesting !

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