Farewell to China, Hello Hong Kong

To say the last three weeks have been interesting is an understatement. Challenging ? You bet.  I was IM with one of my daughters the other night and she asked who I had met.  In 3 weeks I have talked to 4 people who spoke English.  The young couple from Shanghai who took me to the Great Wall, and old Brit guy I met going to see the Terracotta Warriors (he did not say much) and a gal from Poland who arrived at my hostel in Xi’an 2 hours before I was leaving.  There were many surprises for me.  This is not like any Communist country I have ever been too, most people appear to be well off, there are endless high end European cars etc. The amount of construction everywhere is incredible.  No one speaks or reads English – No One.  The famous tourist sights are well worth seeing, and inexpensive.  People are warm and friendly and go out of their way to try to help.  Young people are polite and always offer me their seat on the metro or bus.  Budget hotels are much better than I expected.    Subways are easy  to use, and very inexpensive.  Street food is so cheap – and fortunately I never knew what I was eating.  Most dangerous thing I have ever done in my life was cross a street – any street – in China. If a policeman had not rescued me in Xi’an I might still be stranded in the middle of a busy street. Another danger  was using a squat toilet with no handrail on a moving train – a high potential for  disaster there!!  I only got cheated once – first taxi ride in Beijing, and I never felt I was overcharged.  One of the best parts was never once feeling unsafe. Guangzhou is my favorite, I was sorry to only be there two days.  Such a pretty, green city – and warm – first time for sandals and short pants.

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