Before going on a tour I wanted to do some exploring on my own.  I asked at my hotel where I could catch a local bus – they really thought I should call a taxi.  

The first pic is the type of “bus” I caught – but the one I was in was much older and had a bigger load, and more people. I started off in the back, but as the load increased the driver moved me to the front.  He had to get some betel leaf/nut to chew before we left.  I was going 6 km and it took almost 2 hours as we often loaded and unloaded. I wanted to see the river so I got off and walked around that area.  When I went to come home I caught the red motorbike/bus.  Once again I got special treatment – I got to sit on that seat up front by the driver.

Everywhere we drove I saw Pagodas – I can not wait for my tour tomorrow. 

At lunch time I saw a local cafe that was busy. Guys were playing a game outside.  They would shake some small shells into a bowl, then move bottle caps along  a board.  

The cafe sold individual cigarettes and they were in little stands to go on the tables. The tables had lighters, and the napkins were a roll.   A young gal was in charge of the cig $$$ and no one else could touch her basket of cash.  Obviously, not may tourists eat there.  She spoke good English and rushed right over to get me a menu that had nothing in English. I asked for fried rice.  She served it, and I got free pink jello??? for dessert.  It was a good day in Bagan!

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