Capsule Hotel, Pandas and a Fast Train

Pod style rooms
My room?

I just had to try a capsule hotel.  The one I chose really could not be called a hotel.  A family (grandfather, young couple, baby) just put some capsule pods into rooms in their apartment.  My “room” had two sets of 4 pods.  One room had 6 pods etc.  When I went to check in the gal went to use her translate app, but had no idea what language I was speaking.  To be fair, if I listened to her I would not know if she was speaking Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean or Vietnamese.  The pods are fiberglass, and have lights, fan, and USB ports.  Mattress was very thin.  It cost $9 /night. My head enjoyed it, my back and knees, not so much.  I went to Chendu to see the Panda Research Station, and what a thrill it was.  I saw about 40 pandas from little tiny ones, some learning to crawl, some that had just learned to walk, “teenagers” and fully grown adults.  The facility is huge, well maintained, and the animals seemed to be in excellent health. 20151118_094724 From there it was a fast train to Chongqing.  Like the fast trains in Japan, but not quite as nice.  At 300 km./hour its not easy to sightsee, but I could see the endless factories belching smog.  Chongqing has 28 million people – thousands upon thousands of high rises.  I am not near the metro so everywhere I go is an hour to 2 hour taxi ride – too overwhelming for me.


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