Cambodia Contrasts

20160218_085723Cambodia is a country of contrasts.  I arrived in Phnom Phen by20160218_094423 boat and took a tuktuk to my hostel.  This was by far the dirtiest city I had visited on this trip.  We passed a huge Mosque just before my hostel and I looked forward to hearing the Call to Prayer – one of my favorite sounds.  No such luck, no Call to Prayer as the neighbors had complained.  Phnom Phen is home of the killing fields and what a sad place it is.  Pol Pot and his regime slaughtered one quarter of the population of their own country.  The memorial site is so well done, and I found it amazing the detail and accuracy of the records that were kept.  My other stop in Cambodia was Siem Reap.  This city was one of the cleanest and I loved the fact you could smell incense almost everywhere.  Here is Ankor Wat, the largest religious structure in the world.  Endless huge temples, so old that huge trees have grown up over some of the walls.  I could not believe the intricate detailed carvings that covered almost every flat surface.  I saw one wall 20 feet high, 300 feet long, and every inch of it was beautifully carved.  Millions and millions of man hours of work to build. I did not get to spent a lot of time in Cambodia.  I had planned 10 days at an island, but everyone I met that had gone there had got food poisoning – so I changed my plans.  I would have like to see in as it is where the current Survivor was filmed – oh well, next time.20160223_110356


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