Bangkok – Bang for a Buck

Markets are Fun
Markets are Fun

20151201_160640To say Bangkok is a budget destination is truly an understatement.  I have rented an apartment in a complex that has a hotel, a hostel, and the women’s  residence that  I am in.  We have access to the hotel swimming pool, and a communal kitchen. My apt. is big, a king bed, with good sheets, a long desk. tv, a/c and a refrigerator.  All for $8 a day.  I did have to pay $15 to have internet in my room, and I will have to pay for my electricity use when I leave.  It is a block from a 7/11, and there are lots of good places for street food.  My dinner usually costs $2.  I got a refillable card for the subway, and as a senior I travel for half price.  A two hour ride on a the local river boat costs 50 cents.  There is also a Skytrain, and city buses.  They are all independent of each other – and only senior Thai nationals get a discount on the Skytrain.  There are huge ultramodern malls, cramped crowded street markets, and shrines and temples everywhere.  Walking around the local neighborhood is a perfect way to spend any day.

Shrines and Temples everywhere
Shrines and Temples everywhere
Riding down the River

A good place to spend a month for sure.

Streetside Shrine

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