My Mac laptop

img_1980I use a small Mac laptop.  I have had it for 4 years now, and I was reluctant to make the switch to a Mac, but I am so glad i did.  It runs as well now as the day I bought it.  I love the free classes at the Mac store, and the free helpline I can call when I have a problem.  Its lightweight, and I love it.


I have used a Steripen now for several years.  It purifies a litre of water in about 45 seconds.  I hate constantly throwing away empty plastic bottles, and in some countries they have been known to refill bottles with tap water, and reseal them with a hot needle.  Steripens are available on Amazon and I bought mine at MEC here in Vancouverimg_1975

My Camera




img_1976I recently bought my first DSL camera.  It is a Panasonic Lumix .  I chose this for several reasons.  It has an excellent rating in that price range.  It is fairly lightweight.  It has a built in zoom lens, so I do not have to carry an extra lens.

Camera/Day Sling Bag

I recently bought a new camera and the sling bag I had previously used was not big enough to carry it.  I have purchased a Lowepro Camera Bag to use as a day bag.  It has a zipper that allows for expansion, so on travel days I can also carry my computer and other important items.  I prefer this style bag as it lays across the front of my body, and is hands free.  As it is a cross body bag so deters snatch thieves.


I use this site for booking my accommodation. Most of the places on this site allow you to pay when you arrive. I love the fact that most bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours before check in. I find their reviews accurate, and like the different sort options (Price, Distance from Centre etc.) If I use the lowest to highest price option, it asks if I want to see only private rooms.

This site is full of accurate information regarding train and ferry information worldwide. I used information from here to determine where and how I would travel by train in China.

This is a budget travellers Bible. Their guidebooks are the considered the best in the business. The website is full of information. My favourite, and most used area of the website is the Thorn Tree question and answer forum. It is divided into destinations, and interests (senior, budget etc.). If I ever need information that I am unable to find, posting my questions here always gets great answers. A wonderful example of travellers helping travellers.

This is a Government of Canada website full of great information. You can find the entrance requirements for countries, vaccinations recommended etc. They also rate the safety level of each country. I do find their safety assessments to be quite conservative.

This is my go to site for booking plane tickets. I have checked and compared many other sites and this one almost always has the best fare. I always check several other sites, including the actual airline site before I book, but this site always gives me a good base price to watch.