I have visited many countries and, if I needed a visa,  I have always been able to  get it at the border.  Not so with China.  In order to get a visa for China  a number of things were required.  A 3 page application form, my passport, a passport photo, a copy of my plane ticket, a copy of my itinerary, and  copies of my hotel bookings.  You can not get a visa for China if you tell them you are going to Tibet. SO,  I had to make up an itinerary, and book hotels etc.  I often use and many places you can book, not pay until you get there, and they have free cancellation.  I got my visa, and it is good for 9 years, multiple entry.  Since it cost $142 I plan to use it more than once – how’s that for an excuse to return to China!  A visa for Thailand is available at the border, but, it is only good for 30 days.  I thought it would be easier, and cheaper to simply get a 60 day visa here before I left as I will be there about 55 days.  It was a simple one page application form, one passport photo, and a copy of my plane ticket.  It only cost $40. as I only needed a single entry.  I will enter Thailand twice, but the second time will be a short visit – just to get to Bangkok and fly home, so the visa at the border will be adequate.  Getting excited – can’t wait to be back on the road.

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