My name is Gloria Jackson and I have been an avid traveller all of my life.

As part of a couple I have travelled to over 70 countries, and have been fortunate to live in Indonesia, Austria, Israel, Bahamas, and Tanzania.

Now I will be travelling on my own. My generation were the first to grab a backpack and head off to see the world, staying in hostels, using local transport etc.

I am retired now, but still prefer that method of travel, with just a higher comfort level. Hostels are no longer called “Youth Hostels” as half their clientele are older, and wiser.

Meeting people when you stay in a hotel is difficult, but hostels provide great interaction with other travellers, no matter what their age.

Exchanging tips and ideas on the road usually leads to little known priceless places and people. People often ask how I can afford to travel so much and my reply is “Its cheaper to travel, than stay home.”. The goal of this website is to document some travel, and share budget advice and travel tips.

I have written a book called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugali about seven months volunteering in Africa. 

I have also written about life in the Bahamas. It is called Paradise Ain't Perfect - But It Sure Comes Close.   It is a lighthearted account of our years living on three Bahamian islands. 

I Talked To Strangers series are journals of recent trips - what I did - how I did it - and costs of everything. I have also included Scams and Dangers.

All of my books are available on Amazon. If you enjoy them I would appreciate it if you could take the time to leave a review.

Welcome to "It's Cheaper To Travel"

Please send me your travel tips for Boomers - and I will gladly share them.



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