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My name is Gloria Jackson and I have been a traveller and a writer all of my life.  I am a senior and budget backpacking is my travel style of choice. 

As part of a couple I was fortunate to travel to over 70 countries and live in Indonesia, Israel, Austria, Tanzania and the Bahamas.  I have now travelled to almost that many countries on my own. My generation were the first to grab a backpack and head off to see the world, staying in hostels, using local transport etc.

I am retired now, but still prefer that method of travel, with just a higher comfort level. Hostels are no longer called “Youth Hostels” as half their clientele are older, and wiser.


Meeting people when you stay in a hotel is difficult, but hostels provide great interaction with other travellers, no matter what their age.

Exchanging tips and ideas on the road usually leads to little known priceless places and people. People often ask how I can afford to travel so much and my reply is “Its cheaper to travel, than stay home.”. The goal of this website is to document some travel, and share budget advice and travel tips.

When I was leaving for my trip through Central America I knew what I wanted to write, and how I wanted to write it.  I just did not have a title that sounded right.  As I walked out the door to go to the airport my daughter Liza said to me “Now remember, talk to strangers”,  and I had my title.  The series is a journal format of each day of my trips, dangers, scams, ways to save money, costs etc. 

As I travel and meet other travellers I always ask them to give me their best travel tips.  I am sure you will get some great ideas from the ones I have posted, and some will just make you smile.

If you have a tip, I would love to hear it.  Please include your first name and country you are from.

Safe and happy travels everyone!

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SERIES:  I TALKED TO STRANGERS IN: Central America, China & Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos Cambodia & Vietnam, Mongolia Tibet Nepal, Dubai Jordan & Egypt, Malaysia & Singapore

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